Heroes of Estilin

A Letter Home

Donnell's Game 'Log' 1


Brother, I have been reunited with my brothers who had been sent to the orphanage with me. And I have come to learn that I have another brother, Moose, and potentially a sister as well. Though that I question after what had happened—I even question who was truly buried, but that long story I will tell you later.

We have been given a bit of an inheritance which will help with the new brewery location when it is available. Surprising as she had left us for most of our lives.

I am content in knowing that after meeting some of the individuals involved with the proceedings and others that claimed to be family—some of those uncles did not seem to care for anything but money, that I had been able to call House Goweran family. I wish that at the time, my brothers could have as well.

I am not coming home at this time. As you told me, I need to close this chapter and the other aspects of my life before I return to open my brewery. I need to reconnect with my brothers and meet my new brother. They will not replace the bond that you and I have.

We are traveling the countryside. Adventuring as others have before us. Perhaps I will be able to better master my other skills and teach you a thing or two when I return!

I apologize for leaving this letter without talking to you directly. But you must understand, I could not face seeing Nemes for she will be angry that I have not returned directly. But it is not like we are wed! I will send her a letter after we put the town behind us.

I will keep in touch.




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