Donnell of House Goweran

A Master Alchemist


Male – Human – Alchemist: Chirurgeon Archetype (3)

32 year old, 6 feet tall, 182 pound with brown hair and blue eyes. Hair is kept long and tied back in a ponytail.

Donnell travels wearing a navy blue hooded cloak with black trim, the house colors of the Goweran family who adopted him at age 12. He rides a combat trained white and black light horse, named Blueberry, followed by a tethered grey mule named Sprey. Bandoliers of vials and small flasks cross his chest when he is adventuring, showing others that he is a skilled alchemist.

Str 16 | Dex 18 | Con 13 | Int 18 | Wis 14 | Cha 13

Max Hit Points 25

Prominent Skills (any above 6):
Craft (Alchemy) 14 (with Alchemist Level and Portable Lab), Knowledge (Arcana) 10, Knowledge (Nature) 10, Spellcraft 9, Appraise 8, Disable Device 8, Perception 8, Profession (Brewer) 8, Heal 7

Brew Potion, Throw Anything, Dodge, Extra Discovery, Weapon Focus (Bombs)

Special Abilities:
Alchemy, Bombs (2d6), Mutagen, Extracts, Discovery: Infusion, Infused Curative, Poison Resistance + 2, Discovery: Precise Bomb, Swift Alchemy, Human: Skilled (+1 per level)


Bomb + 8 (2d6 + Int Mod | 20’ range | 5’ Splash 6 dmg, reflex half DC 16)
Masterwork Light Mace + 6 (1d6 + 3 | x2)

CMB + 5


AC 19 (Masterwork Chain Shirt, Dex, Dodge), Touch 15, Flat Footed 14
Fortitude + 4 | Reflex + 7 | Will + 3

CMD 19

Formula Book:

Level 1 — Comprehend Languages, Crafter’s Fortune, Identify, Cure Light Wounds, Detect Secret Doors, Endure Elements, True Strike, Polypurpose Panacea

Noteworthy Equipment:

Masterwork Light Mace
Masterwork Chain Shirt


At age 7, Donnell was sent away to an orphanage. His mother sent his two brothers to the orphanage as well, his younger brother who shares his father and his older half-elven brother. What caused her to send them away escaped him at his young age. Perhaps it was because of finances. Perhaps it was because she had found a replacement for his father who had died two seasons prior when he was away, supposedly adventuring.

Donnell spent five years at the orphanage. Five years of torment and confusion. He managed to separate himself from the need to know his last remaining parent through hatred for being pushed away. At age 12, he was adopted by a well to do family; a human family named Goweran.

Donnell was easily accepted into the family. The family had lost their teenage son in a hunting accident a few years before, and Donnell filled the space in the heart of the lady of the house, who could no longer birth children. House Goweran was full again with four sons, two daughters, and Donnell.

House Goweran was a well to do family with a family business centered around a large vineyard and brewery. The sons in the family all learned the skills involved in brewing, including Donnell. He worked for the family brewery for several years, showing his dedication to the family. In his late teens, Donnell was taught other family skills.

Based around the fine skills developed in learning how to brew ales and ferment wines, House Goweran passes on skills in Alchemy. Donnell, though adopted, showed enough skill and family ties that he also learned the fine art of Alchemy.

While working in one of the family breweries with his adopted older brother, Donnell received a letter. The letter explained that his birth mother had died and that the funeral was in a week. Initially, he had no intention of going. Why would he mourn the loss of a woman who gave him away with no answer? Donnell felt nothing for the woman.

His older brother, Kalen, convinced Donnell that he needed to go. He needed to see the woman and move any ghost that haunts him on. And when he was ready, after he closed this chapter and completed other goals of his, Kalen would assist Donnell in settling down with his own family brewery.

Donnell of House Goweran

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