Heroes of Estilin

Lorick Vryce Brother of the silver circle

After spending time in this part of the world I remember that lessons and hope can be garnered from the recorded trials and tribulations in the holy writs of Iomedae. I searched for anything as I explored this dead edifice and found nothing but a pile of dusty holy symbols, I took one and now wear it proudly. Perhaps more priests will rally to it.

I was able to purchase some ink, quills and parchment and decided to write down my trials and tribulations so that perhaps someone will find lessons and truths in them long after I’m gone.

This is the account of Lorick Vryce, brother of the Silver Circle, Inquisitor of the Emerald Order of Iomedae.

My arrival:

I was tracking down the last of a decadent order known as the Night Spawn Revel, at least the last one assigned to me. I managed to track him down in the port town know as Arrienhiem and after securing him in a cell for transport I decided to go to the local inn and tavern, the Pig and Whistle I believe it was called. It was cold and I was tired from my quest. I was planning to book passage to a port closer to home when I noticed a young wench. It had been a long road and since I have no vows other than protecting the weak, spreading the faith and tracking down heretics of the Light, I decided to take the young thing to bed. I don’t remember much of the encounter.

I had feverish dreams of hobgoblins and ships and chains and screams. I couldn’t shake the stupor until I landed on this hellish island. When I “awoke” I was covered in excrement and my own bile and I realized I had been severely drugged. I met others that had been taken and I deduced that I and the others were kidnapped by slavers, hobgoblin slavers.

The Escape:

We managed to escape from the Hobgoblins. Losing several of our fellow captives in the attempt. We ran across others, I assumed, arrived under similar circumstances. A mage of questionable ability, a competent ranger, fighter and Paladin. The last, a cleric that has some interesting views of morality, but I choose to withhold judgment as I feel we are stressed beyond rational thought. My fellow priests kept me from making a mistake that might have ended my service for Iomedae. The mistake was to join a very resourceful halfling but doing so would keep me from my home for five years. Piracy was the vocation. I thank the goddess that my new comrades were more rational than I. I think that I’ll show that halfling the Light the next time I run into him.

The Island:

I’ve been here for almost a week now. I feel that I’m bound to hell. Why would Iomedae send me, an inquisitor to a land so dreadful? I feel I just answered my own question. This seems to be a volcanic island. Though I studied the stars of my homeland I recognized nothing other than the moons in the heavens. There seems to be little good in this land. Hobgoblins slavers who are free to apply their horrid trade; an unknown cabal of people living next to a huge glass tube that diverts lava flow to the sea. Only cursed cannibals and xenophobic elves in the wilderness. Not a friend among them. Horrifically, undead spawned endlessly from a cursed house. We were able to acquire equipment from the abominations. My comrades and I tried to destroy the structure that spawned them with fire. I know that the cursed occupant got to see the Light.

We met an elf that led us to seemingly the only city on the island. Estillin, city of debauchery. From what I gathered from the high priestess of Desna, the current government had run the church of Iomedae from the city about the same time they legalized slavery. At least there was a church of Iomede. I take comfort in that perhaps I’m as not far from home as I thought. I and my comrades encountered a hobgoblin slaver who was about to kill one of his captors. When the paladin and I defended the man we were reprimanded by the town militia. The man was saved. He could at least have a few more breaths, but was it really a rescue?

I’m unsure what I’m supposed to do here. Rebuild the church, brake the slave trade, instill more honorable people into the local government or get home as soon as possible, or become a productive society member? Goddess help me! I seem to have no direction and lack any skills to achieve these poor options I have. I pray to the goddess the path will be revealed to me soon.



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