Heroes of Estilin

Alvanas Byanim Log 4

Information Gathered and Slaves Purchased! (Game 4)

We continued learning about the City of Estilin, where we currently call home. Faced with several decisions, we chose to look at two paths: build a congregation and learn who is buying the most slaves. As well as those primary goals, we needed to learn about the area, so we found a cartographer, the last one in town.

Bjorn negotiated with the cartographer to get some information. We learned several things about the area, both from a geographical aspect as well as a social. The cartographer assured us the conversation will be private, but we will see.

What did we learn:

1) This is an isolated island not an island chain.
2) The next closest city/country is Plathoro, northwest about 2 to 3 weeks by ship.
3) Island has the human city with a dwarven mine within the mountain/volcano as well as a small dwarven group elsewhere on the island, the elven community 3 and a half miles from Estilin.
4) There is one slave contractor with the city.
5) The hobgoblins are the middle man between The Army of the Lions Hammer and the Dwarves/Humans who are making weapons for the army using slaves.
6) The Dwarves created the piping to divert the lava flow from the city, as the volcano is active.
7) Any trade merchant is turn away unless it is one of the slavers/arranged vessels.
8) The cartographer creates fake maps to sell to the outbound untrusted ship captains.

We did buy a map of the island, a map of the surrounding area out to 3 weeks travel, and we recycled an old map that was for the surrounding area up to 5 months travel.

After we gathered the information at the cartographer, we began building a congregation from the bars. Bjorn rallied people up while Lorick, Critter, and myself help keep the crowd inspired. We ended the night by having a small gathering at the cathedral, which according to Critter drew the attention of armored guards.

The next day, with Critter having not returned from the night before, Lorick and myself bought new clothes to change our appearance and went to the slave auction. The walk up to the 25th level is horrible.

The auction was very beneficial. We met up with Critter just prior to the auction, who sat with the spectators. Lorick and I sat with the bidders. The auction began with sick children, that Lorick purchased, drawing attention to us from one individual who stormed out of the auction house. While watching the auction, Lorick and I noticed a uncontested big spender, an olive skinned female who was decorated in full armor.

After the auction we learned that she is the governor of the city.

So the individual that had stormed out of the auction house, Critter met up with and learned that he, Norman, was attempting to purchase the children to save them as well. He arranged a meeting with us, Bjorn and him has some issues, but we came to an arrangement. Together we would find the best place for the now free children.

Now we have more questions that need answers, more information to find, a need to earn money as we do not own the temple that we are using, and the governor is coming to the cathedral for a sunrise mass.



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