Heroes of Estilin

Alvanas Byanim Log 3

And How Did We Miss This? (Game 3)

Recovering from the skirmish with the dog pack, we put some distance between us and that location that we fought them. No need for more of those Crocodiles to visit.

The lake seems to be a moat that is surrounding the volcano. And if there is a non-natural moat there should be a civilization. We set off to find the entrance.

As we traveled we came across some chanting and a dark figure. Bjorn and the others that are more aligned to the divine powers determined that the individual was undead. They vanquished him quickly. We continued after taking the few items that the undead had; Sir was finally protected by armor!

As we continued we encountered more of those undead and a cabin. The undead seemed to be non-aggressive, but as they were unnatural we needed to get rid of their evil anyway. We split up, Critter and myself stayed outside to handle the undead while the others entered the cabin to deal with the evil presence that they had sensed.

The undead were easy to handle. Critter and I piled up equipment that the party could use. But the undead seemed to be endless. So we looked for the source. Circling the cabin we came across a basement door that was wide open and the undead were coming out of there, as well as a elf who came darting out!

The elf told us that he had been in there for a year and could not get out. The door just opened and let him free. Perhaps when we opened the front door the back door opened? Anyway, I needed to stop the river of undead, so I went in.

The basement was empty. Very anti-climatic. But I was free to leave the basement. And when I got outside the undead were still coming out though there was nothing in the basement. Perhaps the rest of the party should not have gone inside.

Critter and I go to the front door, where 5 Years exits—but vanishes! A few minutes later 5 Years comes out holding an urn. He explains that he ate some of the urn’s contents and could leave the cabin. We talk with the rest of the party through the door, they need 5 Years and the urn back. 5 Years reenters.

I do not know how, but somehow the rest of the party gets out of the cabin, which is then determined to be burned because the inhabitant is eating people. We burn the place down and watch the inhabitant bash his head against the wall until he falls over. I had priorly attempted to end his suffering earlier, but the window would not break.

Putting the cabin behind us, we head off toward a city of elves, home of the one that we rescued from the cabin.

The city of elves would not allow us to enter and we were lead to a large city instead. This city was huge. It was built on the side of the volcano, the side opposite the pipe. How we missed this city is unknown, but we did.

The city is not without its issues. The slave trade is strong here. Boats of hobgoblin captives are sold here every Wednesday in building 11 in the 25 level of the city. We almost bought a slave to get that information. Also the temple of Sir’s deity is vacated—or was forced to vacate based on what we understand.

We are at a dilemma now. Do we reopen the temple? If we do we need a pile of resources and a full following quickly. Do we stop the slaving? If we do it will be challenging as it is legal! We do seem to have an ally in the Temple of Desna. At least for now.

Considering our situation. I think I will learn some new skills. Being a little more stealthy and being able to blend into this city is going to be vital if I am to help stop this slavery!



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