Heroes of Estilin

Moose Journal 1
A Letter Home
Donnell's Game 'Log' 1


Brother, I have been reunited with my brothers who had been sent to the orphanage with me. And I have come to learn that I have another brother, Moose, and potentially a sister as well. Though that I question after what had happened—I even question who was truly buried, but that long story I will tell you later.

We have been given a bit of an inheritance which will help with the new brewery location when it is available. Surprising as she had left us for most of our lives.

I am content in knowing that after meeting some of the individuals involved with the proceedings and others that claimed to be family—some of those uncles did not seem to care for anything but money, that I had been able to call House Goweran family. I wish that at the time, my brothers could have as well.

I am not coming home at this time. As you told me, I need to close this chapter and the other aspects of my life before I return to open my brewery. I need to reconnect with my brothers and meet my new brother. They will not replace the bond that you and I have.

We are traveling the countryside. Adventuring as others have before us. Perhaps I will be able to better master my other skills and teach you a thing or two when I return!

I apologize for leaving this letter without talking to you directly. But you must understand, I could not face seeing Nemes for she will be angry that I have not returned directly. But it is not like we are wed! I will send her a letter after we put the town behind us.

I will keep in touch.


Cuthre's Journal

After returning from the morning forward patrol, I was presented with a sealed letter. I never get letters. So it didn’t surprise me that it was bad news. Seems my mother has died and my presence was requested for the funeral and reading of last will and testament.

I was torn because I didn’t really know the woman since she gave me up for adoption when I was about 5. I never really knew the reason. anyhow I was granted leave to go and so I made the trek.

The letter directed me to an upscale inn in town and some fella escorted me to a reserved table. about that time another man was brought to the table. I vaguely recognized him from the company. He and I had worked together a few times since I was hired on. Introduced himself as Arden. We started chatting about what brought us both to town and I’ll be damned if it wasn’t for the same reason. But we finally realized we were long lost kin. I do remember having brothers, barely, and him being half elf made it difficult to find any real likeness.

Soon after that, while we were talking, another fella was seated, by the name of Donnell. Turns out he my other brother Donnell. However, that aint the kicker. some girl shows up with a young man, calls herself Kayla and him Moose. I soon realized why he was named moose. He’s dimmer than a spent sun rod. It also turns out that they are half related to the rest of us. well I had 3 brothers and a sister, what do you know?

Kayla was pretty suspicious of us all and even insinuated that maybe one of us first three might have killed our own mother, since she didn’t believe died from natural causes. well that night the girl got Moose and Arden to help her break into the house where she says mom was found, and she lifted some papers. it was made more simple since Moose is on the local constabulary.

The next day we attended the funeral and the reading of the will, where we get told that we are gonna inherit a bunch of loot. Again Kayla makes a big stink. we get our share of liquid assets by way of bank note and we make our deposits in the local savings house. However, with all of the wondering about whether she just died or was killed, me, Arden and Donnell decide to go to the graveyard and make sure the coffin actually had a body in it. Well Arden slipped while climbing into the grave and smashed right thru the coffin. Me and Donnell move away and make like we’re grieving other dead, as Arden calls over a priest to ask the fella to help him speak with the dead. The priest calls over a constable and Arden gets hauled off the big house.

After they leave Me and Donnell go back over and discover the woman in the coffin is pretty much not our mother. So we go directly to the bank and begin the process to withdraw our holdings. we headed back to the inn to figure out how we were going to get Arden out of jail, when he came in. Says some elf sprung him out. I guess elves have to stay together.

stuff seems fishy to us so we grab our junk and go to another inn, but as we are getting seated to discuss events, Kayla shows up with Moose. The girl starts trying to blackmail us into signing some deeds she pilfered from that house and we start talking about how she shouldn’t have stolen the stuff. She tells us mom isn’t dead, even tho Moose heard it from another officer she was found dead in a warehouse and not in the house Kayla said. well the thought of crime sets Moose on edge and he tells Kayla she will have to go down to the jail and answer questions. She gets up and pulls steel on us. it was nearly comical. two mercenary veterans, an alchemist and a constable and she thought what? Anyhow Donnell and myself were content to let events play out as Moose snatched the girl up in his mancatcher, but Arden tried to knock the pole loose by slamming into the young man. that Arden must be getting old since it didn’t have any effect.

Moose hauled Kayla off and us other three went to a different inn for the night. The next morning we went to the bank and pulled out whatever funds the bank could muster right then, but the rest seemed to be on hold. we went to moms place and told Moose Kayla said where mom was and we were going to go find her. He was good with that and grabbed all of his stuff, and I mean all of it.

seems we need to make a stop in the next town over for Donnell to get some things from his place there and I will need to get a horse. well I never had to worry about one before.

Alvanas Byanim Log 21
Division (Game 21)

In town I sit, watching for the Gornich and contemplating what that dream meant. Ike arrives in the city, talking about his dream, the same one I suffered. That is odd for most people do not have the same dream in the same night. He mentions that Machiavelli is missing, leaving behind a pool of blood, and that Veraducci is insane. That I knew.

In time Veraducci joins us in the tavern. I am not sure what he was ranting about, and I do not care, for I am more interested in the gentleman, the one with wings when I look at him through the glasses of true seeing, that has been watching us. In time, Veraducci and Ike leave, and I meet with the winged watcher.

I am informed that some arrangement has been made between Veraducci and these winged creatures. But they do not want to be seen and they do not trust Veraducci. They offer to keep the arrangement if I kill Veraducci. Wonder what arrangement they speak? I am not entirely interested as is, for in time I will separate myself from the likes of all associated with the Bode House. I already got what I needed—distance from Estilin.

Back to watching for the Gornich.

Time to investigate. Ike has left the manor permanently but we need to see what is up with the insane Veraducci. Ike and I head to the manor late at night. We find more skeletons wondering about, two women torn apart in the foyer, one sleeping old woman who is normal, and three women bound in Ike’s room.

Chaos ensues as Ike and I attempt to rescue the three women. One of them runs into the hall, waking Veraducci, who pushes her down the stairs! Ike and I use the window to save the other two women. Evidence seems to show that Veraducci is killing innocent women.

Perhaps the Temple of Desna can help the victims. We take them there.

The follow day is eventful. Veraducci claiming he did not kill anyone. A winged man complaining that I have not killed Veraducci. He never said there was a schedule to keep. The Gornich claiming that we are killing babies. So much anger.

Such a mess. How do we solve it? Kill Veraducci.

Alvanas Byanim Log 20
Install a Stronger Door! (Game 20)

Whoa it is cold! At least I have feeling in my feet and we have found some dry clothes. After checking my weapons for damage caused from the bronze snakes, we head deeper down the underground river. At the end of the river, a slab of ice with a nice view of the ocean. And snow. Tropical island to snow? I glance behind me to see what I expected, more snow and the tunnel we walked down is gone. Fitting.

We encountered some dog people. Most of that interaction I missed as I was too busy hiding in the snow and trying not to be stepped on. In the end though, we came out with a “demon child” and a spear. Now this six-year old child did not seem to be a demon, and it was not, but it was not what it seemed either for it was really a big three-headed dragon, but I did not know this yet, but I would later understand and see it once I had the glasses.

Anyway, the demon child somewhat argued with us. Even at one point made Veradouche no longer speak. But in the end the demon child went back toward the dog people, or so we thought. Ike explained that the glasses let him see the dragon actually leave the area, back the way we came even though that tunnel was gone now, but I saw the child go the other way, yet Ike told us he did not—anyway it would make more sense to me later.

Before leaving the area, which Ike claimed we could do now that he could see the exit, even though all I saw was more snowy wasteland, the others asked me to return the spear to the dog people and get some answers to questions that I did not quite understand yet. But I would understand. In time.

So it seems the dog people are here to keep this dragon inside this dimension so it cannot get back out and terrorize the populace of Golarion. But they assured us that the creature could not leave the place, for it was stopped by a barrier—what how did we get inside then? Yeah, there is a chance, at that time a slight chance, that I broke that barrier. Very slight.

After discussions, story time, and the best meal of baby seal I have and will ever have was over, the shaman of the dog people cast a spell and suddenly we were back at the snakes, well one snake. I demonstrate to the others how to gracefully leap and slide down the back of the snake, even stuck the landing, and I head topside. We are faced with a bloodbath—literally, Ike turned into a tornado and flung blood from the pools of dead tourists all over the place. Oh, and we were sure that the dragon came this way.

Cleaned up, reequipped, and ready, we head back to town. I let the dragon free. Now I need to learn how to stop it. Joined by three of the dog people, we head off, following the path that the tourist wagons normally take.

The others head back to the mansion, but I stay in town for the next couple of nights. Ike gave me the glasses he was wearing, explaining that I would see who we seek. We did do some research and learned that there was a red dragon that helped put the three headed dragon into the dimension. Also we learned that the dragon would feed and then mate. So we formed a plan: find the red dragon, get him to help, and take down the three-headed beast. Simple? No.

We could get to the red dragon without an issue. But he was somewhat sleeping and not to be disturbed. Well if he did not want to be disturbed, then we would just have to get something else to disturb him for us.

While the others went back to the mansion, I stayed in the city to find the three-headed dragon. It was easy with these glasses. When I had them on I could see everything. I saw someone walking slowly in the hotel lobby taking coins from purse as others were counting out funds. It was amazing! How did they not see him. I could see him. I even saw him look down a few tunics and the wench did not even mind!

Eventually I did find the boy/dragon/man—whatever it is. With the glasses on, I could see the three-headed dragon. Without them he looked like a decently built human man. So once I knew where he was, I began to set up another plan.

I met with the dragon. He knew who I was. I knew who he was. We were in a public place for the safety of all parties involved. I told him where a treasure horde was. I told him where the red dragon Staunch’s dragon horde was. The same dragon that help to capture him the first time. Treasure and revenge. What three-headed dragon could pass that up? Not this one it seems. All I asked in return, if he had some extra coin, I would find a home for it. Win, win right. I hope.

Alvanas Byanim Log 19
A Tourist Trap (Game 19)

It seems very fast for this store front to be completed. I am sure that the other guild members, Vlod and Starn, took it from someone. It is unfortunate on their opening day that Vlod ended up getting trampled and stabbed. Not sure where he crawled away. He might find me in time and repay me for his “accident.”

Starn is not willing to work for us either. At least he left the store unprotected. It allowed us to find an accurate map of the region. And the store is already filled with products from Estilin. The guild must have sent a boat a couple days after we left. Efficient.

Of course how did we get to this point. Vlod and Starn attempted to extort our services to supply them with 5000 gp in goods per month to be sent back to Estilin. That was not the arrangement. The arrangement was simple, we go to the new location and set up an extension of the guild. No other arrangements.

We tried to play along—we took everything of value out of the house, just about 5000 gp worth and took it to the store. Vlod claimed it was worth no more than 3000 gp even though I clearly showed him it was at least 7500 gp. Working with other thieves is just challenging.

After purchasing keys to every room in one of the local hotels and checking the entire store for goods, we head out and lock the door behind us. Hopefully Starn has a key. Hopefully Starn realizes the he needs to work with us. Especially since we took his ability to contact Estilin.

The next day we decide to join a tourist group that visits some old island ruins. Since we are here we might as well do the tourist things, plus there are rumors that a section of the ruins exist that the tourist are not allowed to see—potential treasures!

On the way to the ruins, the wagon train is stopped by fallen trees and ogres being controlled by cloaked figures. An attempt to take all the valuables. Good thing I jumped from the wagon as soon as it stopped. Ike protected the cart with a wall of green flames. When one of the ogres fall, I tried to get the drop on the cloaked rider—roughly halfling height and hard to see in the underbrush. The cloaked figure throws a powder at me—later I identify it as Dust of Decay, when I find myself with my weapons, bracers, jewelry, cape, and boots—everything else falling apart. Fortunately someone has a shirt I can cover up with, after all it is a family tour.

Once we reached the ruins, the tour was pretty sad. One peek into a dark room. It was very disappointing for 100 gp a ticket that we never paid. But it was easy to sneak past the allowed areas and deeper into the ruins. Now to see what was left behind.

We venture into the area until we reach some doors; doors that reached up above the ceiling. What is beyond them? We send Ike under the door to see as he was a mouse. A few minutes laters, Ike opens the door to a lighted room. At the far end of the room, there were two large brass snakes that began to move as the door was opened.

The snakes were massive and quick. They rushed toward us, dodging the columns with precision. I duck behind the wall just in time to feel the snake crash into the wall. Looking down at my barely covered body and my light blades, I realize that these massive creatures will be a challenge. I will have to use the environment against them.

When the snake comes through the door, I very non-elegantly leap over the snake and into the lighted room. The snake continues into the other room—it needs space to turn around. I wait a moment, but the snake does not seem to come back toward me. Good thing, I am not sure if this building would have completely collapsed if the snake destroyed too many of these columns. Not sure what distracted the snake.

At the end of the room, where the snakes had been guarding, a door awaited. I headed to it. Unlocked it. And opened it. The room beyond was filled with ice and had a glowing blue light in the middle of it. Taking a rock, I throw it at the blue light, destroying what had been creating the glow. The icy room was dark now. Snakes do not like the cold. Winters back home, the snakes would always sleep like the bears.

One of the snakes took notice of me so I put my plan into motion. Standing in front of the doorway, I would get the snake to attack me. Before I was eaten by the massive mouth, I would dive out of the way and the snake would barrel into the icy chamber. Then I would just have to close the door. It was perfect.

The snake came charging at me. I waited. I waited for what seemed like forever—I suppose that is how it feels when there is a good chance of being eaten. I time it perfect and leap to the side—but my foot did not follow as it was stuck in a crack in the floor. The snake lands its attack and pushes me with it into the icy chamber. Then we are falling.

The floor in that room was ice and the snake and I fell into an icy river below. The snake noticeably slowed and was washed away. I found a small ledge. Some clothes would be nice at this time for the cold water is taking a toll. I was too weak to climb out of the river. All I could do is hold on.

I awaken later, in a small cave near the icy river. There is a fire. Ike and <the> seemed to have rescued me. Must sleep some more. At least I am no longer freezing. I listen to the rushing water as I fall back to sleep.

Alvanas Byanim Log 18
New Island, New Allies, New Enemies (Game 18)

This new island is a tourist haven. Lots of potential fencing opportunities. Lots of potential competition. The perfect place to set up a branch of the guild. As we begin exploring this new area, Riki and Bjorn head off on their own. The other members of the guild help Ike and myself survey the area. After weeks of traveling with them, I do not know if I should trust them or not yet. We will see.

This area is interesting. There are many people who are missing limbs, all or part. Ike tells me not to steal, and if I do, do not get caught. I get the message as I watch a two armed, one handed barkeeper attempt to pour a tankard of ale. He should get a hook or something.

Later the first night on the island, we come across a potential job. Something about a performer who was wronged by a man. Did not exactly see the issue; it still takes two and if coin exchanged hands, he is out of the picture, right? Anyway we go watch the performance, the contacts are made, and we are off to convince someone to do the right thing. All this for half ownership of a circus.

Well after two days of this mess—one where we threaten the individual and the next where he assaults our contact. His friends paid the price for their hand in the matter. As for the individual who treated the girl wrong, I left that in the hands of my fellow guild members.

We will see how this new alliance works out in the end. Fencing is becoming murder, and on this island we could lose a hand if we are caught.

Alvanas Byanim Log 17
Estilin Behind Us, Paradise on the Horizon (Game 17)

The defeat of the wizard and the chaos abounds. We split up—some head toward the church, some of us head into the city, and I end up in the sewer with Riki and Ike. Seems safe for the moment but we need to leave some time for things to settle down before we move about too much.

We hear a conversation deeper in the sewers, a dwarf and according to Riki a giant. Shortly after the conversation ends, of which let us know that the dwarf conspired to bring down the dwarf stronghold and the city guards, the dwarf walks around the corner. We see him and he sees us.

After some useless excuse exchanges, I slip my dagger into the dwarfs back and make him talk. He is the rich dwarf that “helped” us prior in defeating the hobgoblin camp months ago. I remember that day—we met Faris that day in combat. That day began this horrible experience on this island.

We get some information out of the dwarf. As he keeps talking and talking and talking, I cut his throat. Long winded dwarf.

We head to the temple of Desna, where there are services occurring. Listening it is obvious that the people have accepted the Lions Hammer. And with slavery now supposedly illegal, it seems that the task Lorick, Critter, Xago, Jiminy, and Sir died for is complete. It is time to leave.

The harbor is still filled with boats. We find a small boat, most likely owned by a noble. He does not need it anymore. Padric finds us a few sailors and I make a deal with the guild to let me bring along a few members of the guild to head to the next closest island to the north. There I will begin a new branch of the guild and then the guild will be able to fence their supplies further. They will take over the boat we use and we will be able to get free passage when schedules work out.

The next morning, Estilin is behind us.

On they way, we use the three weeks to enchant some items and I create some paperwork showing Padric to be the proper owner of this ship.

After three weeks, we see our new place we might call home. At that point, the nightmare of Estilin is really behind us.

Alvanas Byanim Log 16
The Second Head of the Beast (Game 16)

The chase takes us to the barracks where the box can be seen, but it cannot be reached. At least we can deal with the other two and then focus on reaching the third. Ike and Bjorn take care of the boxes that are claimed to harness very evil powers.

The next morning, the city has changed. There is a festival planned! Merchants are allowed to enter then city! It seems like a trap. Bjorn and I head out to find where the girls that are delivering the announcements are working from. Success.

The small building has girls moving in and out taking stacks of flyers and bags of coin to pay for people’s drinks at the local taverns. I see that big stack of coin purses and take a few….but get caught. Bjorn convinces the owner of the establishment to let me be, and then begins questioning him while I lock the door. The owner does not seem to be very cooperative, so I stab him in his side—pulling the strength of my strike he is able to realize that I could have hurt him much more. He comes to his senses and tells us everything he knows.

The festival seems legit. Interesting.

That evening at the festival, there are hundreds of people there. I dance for a while and pick up a few purses as I do. In time there is an announcement, I overhear them speaking about the arrival of a new leader and no more slavery—but I am not too focused on the announcement. I found the wife of the Lions Hammer captain who’s home is near the noble area—I saw her earlier alone in the house and since her husband was ignoring her at the festival, I convinced her to feel what she was missing. Judging by the ferocity, she has not felt pleasure for a long time!

Back in the main area of the festival, Ike finds me and tells me that there are possibly angry Merikesh dwarves in the city. I makes sure my clothes are straight and head off to find them. I track those dwarves from the dock, through the gate, up the levels of the city, and into a building. Inside that building I can hear the dwarves upstairs. They are grunting and snarling. I imagine that there is drool frothing from their lips. Unwilling to let myself be seen I wait and listen. Shortly later, I hear them move out of the building.

They rush from the building but before I can follow I am blocked by a wall of green fire. I try and find a place around the area and see Ike and Riki on a wall. I can hear the dwarves on the other side. There is a battle, but I am unable to aid.

Finally I am able to see into the courtyard. Bjorn is approaching the wizard we had chased before. I see the box. I see Bjorn trying to push dwarves off his back—those dwarves seem to fight like rabid animals.

I use my cloak and appear behind the wizard, slipping my blade into his back. It only takes a few moments before our enemy is dropped. Bjorn and I are now surrounded by angry dwarves and burning buildings. Bjorn begins to walk on the air, he offers me his hand and I take it after ensuring the wizard is dead.

ike's log

My new allies and I decided to head toward Estlin. Bjorn decide did to check out the dwarves to see how they have fared over the month that we we I’ve been journeying. I decided to accompany the cleric. When we arrived at stronghold, we discovered that the entire population was decimated. We found a box of death and a loan lion’s hammer soldier. It seems that all magic items were taken or destroyed. During the time there, I was able to view the spirits of the dead and they were very angry. Bjorn was adamant about taking the soldier to a place to stand trial for genocide. I could care less. We took the box of death and I decided the throw in the volcano. A few days later we managed to catch up what the rest of the group. Lucien decided to remain on the front lines as we headed towrd estilin. On our journey, we found a group of refugees from the dwarven stronghold. We turned the soldier over to meet justice and the dwarves ate him. They also spoke the strange language. It wasn’t until later that I realized that they we’re part of the genocide. We arrived at the city several weeks later to discover that the governess’s death was a way for a wizard, who could control the boxes of death, to rise to power. Al wanted do infiltrate a government building to discover where and if these sseveral Doomsday devices exist. We managed to get some papers but none of them, upon perusal, showed any indication of doomsday¬†devices. We assumed that the boxes of death we’re at least one of them. So the party decides to kill the wizard because he was the biggest threat at this time. Sufficed to say our plans did not work out the way wished. We fought several guards while in his home. But alas, the wizard escaped into the street. I quickly followed him to what we think is the barracks. The wizard killed several including his own guards along the way. This wizard has outlived his flesh and needs to stop breathing my air,


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