Heroes of Estilin

Cuthre's Journal

After returning from the morning forward patrol, I was presented with a sealed letter. I never get letters. So it didn’t surprise me that it was bad news. Seems my mother has died and my presence was requested for the funeral and reading of last will and testament.

I was torn because I didn’t really know the woman since she gave me up for adoption when I was about 5. I never really knew the reason. anyhow I was granted leave to go and so I made the trek.

The letter directed me to an upscale inn in town and some fella escorted me to a reserved table. about that time another man was brought to the table. I vaguely recognized him from the company. He and I had worked together a few times since I was hired on. Introduced himself as Arden. We started chatting about what brought us both to town and I’ll be damned if it wasn’t for the same reason. But we finally realized we were long lost kin. I do remember having brothers, barely, and him being half elf made it difficult to find any real likeness.

Soon after that, while we were talking, another fella was seated, by the name of Donnell. Turns out he my other brother Donnell. However, that aint the kicker. some girl shows up with a young man, calls herself Kayla and him Moose. I soon realized why he was named moose. He’s dimmer than a spent sun rod. It also turns out that they are half related to the rest of us. well I had 3 brothers and a sister, what do you know?

Kayla was pretty suspicious of us all and even insinuated that maybe one of us first three might have killed our own mother, since she didn’t believe died from natural causes. well that night the girl got Moose and Arden to help her break into the house where she says mom was found, and she lifted some papers. it was made more simple since Moose is on the local constabulary.

The next day we attended the funeral and the reading of the will, where we get told that we are gonna inherit a bunch of loot. Again Kayla makes a big stink. we get our share of liquid assets by way of bank note and we make our deposits in the local savings house. However, with all of the wondering about whether she just died or was killed, me, Arden and Donnell decide to go to the graveyard and make sure the coffin actually had a body in it. Well Arden slipped while climbing into the grave and smashed right thru the coffin. Me and Donnell move away and make like we’re grieving other dead, as Arden calls over a priest to ask the fella to help him speak with the dead. The priest calls over a constable and Arden gets hauled off the big house.

After they leave Me and Donnell go back over and discover the woman in the coffin is pretty much not our mother. So we go directly to the bank and begin the process to withdraw our holdings. we headed back to the inn to figure out how we were going to get Arden out of jail, when he came in. Says some elf sprung him out. I guess elves have to stay together.

stuff seems fishy to us so we grab our junk and go to another inn, but as we are getting seated to discuss events, Kayla shows up with Moose. The girl starts trying to blackmail us into signing some deeds she pilfered from that house and we start talking about how she shouldn’t have stolen the stuff. She tells us mom isn’t dead, even tho Moose heard it from another officer she was found dead in a warehouse and not in the house Kayla said. well the thought of crime sets Moose on edge and he tells Kayla she will have to go down to the jail and answer questions. She gets up and pulls steel on us. it was nearly comical. two mercenary veterans, an alchemist and a constable and she thought what? Anyhow Donnell and myself were content to let events play out as Moose snatched the girl up in his mancatcher, but Arden tried to knock the pole loose by slamming into the young man. that Arden must be getting old since it didn’t have any effect.

Moose hauled Kayla off and us other three went to a different inn for the night. The next morning we went to the bank and pulled out whatever funds the bank could muster right then, but the rest seemed to be on hold. we went to moms place and told Moose Kayla said where mom was and we were going to go find her. He was good with that and grabbed all of his stuff, and I mean all of it.

seems we need to make a stop in the next town over for Donnell to get some things from his place there and I will need to get a horse. well I never had to worry about one before.



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