Heroes of Estilin

Alvanas Byanim Log 21

Division (Game 21)

In town I sit, watching for the Gornich and contemplating what that dream meant. Ike arrives in the city, talking about his dream, the same one I suffered. That is odd for most people do not have the same dream in the same night. He mentions that Machiavelli is missing, leaving behind a pool of blood, and that Veraducci is insane. That I knew.

In time Veraducci joins us in the tavern. I am not sure what he was ranting about, and I do not care, for I am more interested in the gentleman, the one with wings when I look at him through the glasses of true seeing, that has been watching us. In time, Veraducci and Ike leave, and I meet with the winged watcher.

I am informed that some arrangement has been made between Veraducci and these winged creatures. But they do not want to be seen and they do not trust Veraducci. They offer to keep the arrangement if I kill Veraducci. Wonder what arrangement they speak? I am not entirely interested as is, for in time I will separate myself from the likes of all associated with the Bode House. I already got what I needed—distance from Estilin.

Back to watching for the Gornich.

Time to investigate. Ike has left the manor permanently but we need to see what is up with the insane Veraducci. Ike and I head to the manor late at night. We find more skeletons wondering about, two women torn apart in the foyer, one sleeping old woman who is normal, and three women bound in Ike’s room.

Chaos ensues as Ike and I attempt to rescue the three women. One of them runs into the hall, waking Veraducci, who pushes her down the stairs! Ike and I use the window to save the other two women. Evidence seems to show that Veraducci is killing innocent women.

Perhaps the Temple of Desna can help the victims. We take them there.

The follow day is eventful. Veraducci claiming he did not kill anyone. A winged man complaining that I have not killed Veraducci. He never said there was a schedule to keep. The Gornich claiming that we are killing babies. So much anger.

Such a mess. How do we solve it? Kill Veraducci.



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