Heroes of Estilin

Alvanas Byanim Log 17

Estilin Behind Us, Paradise on the Horizon (Game 17)

The defeat of the wizard and the chaos abounds. We split up—some head toward the church, some of us head into the city, and I end up in the sewer with Riki and Ike. Seems safe for the moment but we need to leave some time for things to settle down before we move about too much.

We hear a conversation deeper in the sewers, a dwarf and according to Riki a giant. Shortly after the conversation ends, of which let us know that the dwarf conspired to bring down the dwarf stronghold and the city guards, the dwarf walks around the corner. We see him and he sees us.

After some useless excuse exchanges, I slip my dagger into the dwarfs back and make him talk. He is the rich dwarf that “helped” us prior in defeating the hobgoblin camp months ago. I remember that day—we met Faris that day in combat. That day began this horrible experience on this island.

We get some information out of the dwarf. As he keeps talking and talking and talking, I cut his throat. Long winded dwarf.

We head to the temple of Desna, where there are services occurring. Listening it is obvious that the people have accepted the Lions Hammer. And with slavery now supposedly illegal, it seems that the task Lorick, Critter, Xago, Jiminy, and Sir died for is complete. It is time to leave.

The harbor is still filled with boats. We find a small boat, most likely owned by a noble. He does not need it anymore. Padric finds us a few sailors and I make a deal with the guild to let me bring along a few members of the guild to head to the next closest island to the north. There I will begin a new branch of the guild and then the guild will be able to fence their supplies further. They will take over the boat we use and we will be able to get free passage when schedules work out.

The next morning, Estilin is behind us.

On they way, we use the three weeks to enchant some items and I create some paperwork showing Padric to be the proper owner of this ship.

After three weeks, we see our new place we might call home. At that point, the nightmare of Estilin is really behind us.



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