Heroes of Estilin

Alvanas Byanim Log 10

A Brief Reunion (Game 10)

I waited until dark and found it fairly easy to navigate through the camp. The rain helped. I chose to leave the camp rather than stay and gather information or cause havoc. With no allies left, it is time to focus on the need to leave this place. I have helped to free many slaves, but by myself I will not be able to complete the task. If I find other allies, perhaps I will stay and aid. Perhaps.

Back into the jungle. I head out about an hour from the camp. I am confronted with some familiar faces, Bjorn talking to a tree, “…so Al what should….,” and drunk as usual and Padric. It seems that the ground ate them and spit them back out, or I died also….

“Ouch!” Well I am not dreaming as I could feel that pinch. Can you pinch a ghost? If so we could all still be dead. I do not remember dying though. Let me just ask. “Are you here?”

“Ahhhh!!” Padric screams back at me. After a brief conversation, I figure we are not dead. Or so I think. I tell Padric and Bjorn the news of the mutilations of Critter and Lorick. “Ahhh!!” Padric screams again, as Lorick steps from the darkness. Perhaps we are all dead.

Lorick tells us of what happened to him and him being freed by an Orc, Xago. We are also joined by Lucien, a native of this island and one with the same want to stop the slavery. Well his goal is to rid the island of the Lions Hammer forces, so really similar to stopping the slavery.

We find a place to rest for the night, after a brief meeting of a Lions Hammer guard. My sleep is short and restless.

Lucien knows this island fairly well. It is his home and he seems to have lived with the animals. His knowledge of the island aided us in finding the fastest route to our little village. There we met a familiar face—the woman that we faced at the hobgoblin encampment. She approaches Lorick as I step away.

Her name is Faris and she needs help, but she only wants help from Padric. A favor for a favor is how she puts it. He wants information about some sisters. She wants to find someone. She leaves us briefly only to return and take Padric with her back to the Lions Hammer encampment. She orders us not to follow. I let them go for a few minutes before I take the Pendant of Invisibility we have and follow.

Padric is easy to follow. He keeps talking. Perhaps he knows I would follow, or hopes that someone would follow. Suddenly he stops talking though. I stop in my tracks and put the Pendant on.

This Pendant works amazingly. As soon as the cold metal touches me, I vanish from site. I attempt to sneak forward and find Padric and Faris, but I cannot. Perhaps she shut him up and continued moving. I will continue on to the Lions Hammer encampment and watch for them there.

As I travel, I can hear the sounds of Bjorn and Xago, or I hope that it is them, behind me increasing their pace. I do not wait for them, but I do not increase my speed so they can catch up to me. When they do, I remove the pendant, “Ahh!” I am not sure how not to shock people when I do that.

They have lost he trail of Padric. I told them that I had also but I was heading to the encampment to find them there. Not wanting to waste time, I put the pendant back on and continue traveling.

When I make it to the encampment, I do not see Padric or Faris. Not sure about the power of this Pendant, I wait outside the encampment. I do not see Padric at all, but I notice a slight commotion as the Cyclops that fell Lorick is moving about. I risk it and head into the caves as I have a second reason for being here. The caves have been cleaned up. Along with Critter’s body. I search but cannot find his head or body anywhere. Unfortunately he will not get a proper burial.

After my search I head back to the village, where Faris, Padric, and another individual arrive that Faris refers to as her brother. I am the last to arrive, the group is arguing about something and Faris parts ways. I head out after her, as she was offering to help, and though she has betrayed us before, pushing her away might not be the best idea. But some other members of the party will not like what I am doing next, and to make it happen, she would be best with us. Though I still do not completely trust her.

So with the help of Lucien, Padric, and Faris, we make a plan to cause issues to the Lions Hammer and in turn allow us to free the hold the army has and find a way to leave the island ourselves. The plan is simple but lengthy.
– Lucien will take the Pendant and scout the Lions Hammer camp for several weeks. He is intending to learn where the food stores are and what food is used first. Also he should be able to figure out if there is separate food for the slaves and Lions Hammer.
– Padric will keep the members of the party, Bjorn, Lorick, and Xago, from knowing the plan and convince them to free as many slaves as possible before I get back. They have at least 7 weeks. They also will continue convincing the dwarves of the threat that the Lions Hammer presents to their lively hood.
– Faris, as a mercenary that has worked with the Lions Hammer, will go to Estilin and talk to the higher ranking members that she knows and get the army to attack the Dwarves.
– I am also heading to Estilin. With me I take about half of the gold from the party’s resources; my goal is to learn how to make poison from the thieves guild.

Faris, her brother, and I leave for Estilin.

The three week journey to Estilin is fairly calm. Faris seems to know the land well. Not sure how long she has been here, for she is not the most talkative. Her brother, he is similar to her in that aspect, but I am not sure what to think of him yet. Anyway, in our travels, I let her lead the way. Though I know the path, I do not trust that she will not turn on me.

Upon reaching the city, Faris asks me to attend the meeting with her to see the governoress. Skeptical, I wait to visit the thieves guild, but agree to attend, warning her that they might know who I am so this could cause her issues in her plan.

At the meeting, she begins telling the governoress out plan. Not sure where she is going with this plan of hers, and remembering Padric’s story of how she was going to leave him in the encampment to take the blame for the four guards she killed, I slide my dagger into her side. I was not intending to kill her, just to show her that I will not be her scapegoat. She and I have a brief stand off outside of the governoress’ chambers, parting ways, her to finish her part of the plan and my to leave and head to the guild. I do see her and the governoress enter the barracks as I make my way through the city, perhaps I can trust her to keep her end of the bargain. Probably not.

Entering the guild, I meet with some of the members that helped teach me. Telling them that I wish to learn how to make poisons, something that will allow me to make some gold on the side of my normal means, they agree to set me up with someone to teach me. I pay them extra to keep it quiet and arrange for the training to be completed outside of the city. Just in case Faris does not keep to her part of this, I make sure to drop hits during the conversations with the guild members that some of the dwarves are planning to strike at the Lions Hammer.



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